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Army Flying Museum 22nd February 2023 led by John Gribble

Our group of 9 probus members and one wife Denise Bramley led by John Gribble arrived just in time for a fire drill none of the staff were expecting. After mustering at the fire point we established our group were still 10 so we went for a coffee and then were joined by our guide, a past commandant of the base.He had flown many of the planes and helicopters on display. Anecdotes of his and others' experiences complemented the story of the Army Flying Corp from 1905 to the present day. In fact when he told his father he was going to be commandant his father said he had surveyed the area and selected the site to be the airfield. He told his father it was very tricky to land fighter planes because of the undulating landscape. His father said it wasn't chosen for fighters is was chosen for bombers. 

The equipment used by the army flying corps, began with balloons and kites then aircraft which were finally displaced by helicopters. The army flying corp have been involved in all major conflicts since 1905. They have displayed courage enough to have won a large number of VCs. They have shown creativity in making their aircraft suit the mobility of an army on the move. It was an enlightening visit on an airbase that played a major part in the second world war hosting fighter aircraft of many nations.

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