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Speaker Events

Calendar 2024

April 9th.
Tales of a Roving Reporter - Alan Jones.

We rarely repeat a speaker so soon but after his much acclaimed performance in 2021 there was no doubt about this.

May 14th.
Health, Humanity & Humour- Dr Alastair Smith.

Including health care then and now; NHS- Reality, Covid and the Future; Challenges for the NHS consultant; Humour - “You couldn’t make it up”.

June 11th.
Ancient China - Neil Meldrum.

Now retired from a career in the law, Neil is fascinated by ancient history and the cultural evolution of early man, todays is one of many he has studied in depth.

July 9th.
My Educational Journey - legacy and impact - John Littlewood. 

The Head Teacher of our well respected Brockenhurst CE Primary and Preschool.

August 13th.
A speaker from Hampshire & IoW Air Ambulance

A talk about the valuable life saving work carried out by this popular local charity.

September 10th.
Windows and Nice Women - Dr Emma Jolly.

A romp through the history of the English Language

October 8th.

Brockenhurst - A World War 1 Hospital Village - Di Fletcher

Di has a great interest and expertise in this very special piece of the Village history.

November 12th.
AGM: Followed by Managing Climate Change Impacts on the Forest - Peter Hebard

December 10th.
Wildlife of the Jurassic Coast - Brian Pettit 

Outstanding Wildlife photographer whose work we have enjoyed previously, followed by Christmas lunch with partners.

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