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January 9th. (Postponed from 2022) “Brusher” Mills - A New Forest character. - Nick Saunders.


The life and times of “Brusher” Mills who lived in a charcoal burners shelter in the New Forest and made a living catching snakes, which he sold to collectors and zoos. He died in 1905.





February 13th. The Pursuit & Sinking of Bismark - David Bickerton.


One of the enduring stories of WW11 which continues to fascinate with more than 100 British warships involved in the five day 1750 mile hunt.



March 12th . Growing Grapes & Wine Making in England - Jonathan Rogers.



English wine is in the ascendency: we learned how and why.






April 9th . Tales of a Roving Reporter - Alan Jones.



Humorous stories of a BBC Roving Reporter






May 14th . Health, Humanityand Humour- Alistair Smith.



An excellent insight into the NHS. How it has evolved and the challenges facing it today


12th June . The Cambridge Orator - Anthony Bowen

The role of the Cambridge Orator by a man who held the post from 1993 to 2007


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