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 Probus - A potted history

What is a Probus Club?

Originating from two separate clubs in the UK during the 1960s, Probus was born out of the need for retired professionals and business people to continue engaging in social and intellectual activities, fostering friendships, and staying active in their communities. The name "Probus" itself is a blend of the words 'Professional' and 'Business'.


The first official Probus club was established in 1965 in Caterham, Surrey, UK, thanks to the efforts of the local Rotary Club. Recognizing the untapped potential and desire among retirees for organized social interaction, Rotary Clubs worldwide began sponsoring the formation of Probus Clubs, leading to a global movement. Today, there are thousands of Probus Clubs scattered across the globe, each offering a plethora of activities ranging from guest speaker sessions, group excursions, to various hobby and interest groups.

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What we do...

We meet monthly at the Masonic Hall, Grigg Lane, Brockenhurst to socialise and listen to a talk by a guest speaker. Our speaker programme features subject matter experts covering a wide variety of interesting topics from ancient culture and biographical tales to local history and wildlife. At the end of each speaker event, we have the opportunity to socialise and enjoy lunch together.

For those who want to explore the local area or join us on trips further afield, we also offer a monthly programme of excursions. Previous outings include Highgrove, the Royal Green Jackets Museum, the RNLI College and Bursledon Brickworks. In addition, we also run quiz nights, wine tasting events and meals for members and their partners to enjoy.

About Brockenhurst Probus

Don't act your age in retirement. Act like the inner young person you have always been.

J.A. West


Fun, Friendship, Fellowship

Enjoy an active retirement

Brockenhurst Probus is more than just a social gathering; it is a community of like-minded individuals who share a zest for life and a curiosity that transcends our working years. Whether you're passionate about travel, photography, hiking, or simply enjoy engaging conversations over a cup of coffee, Probus offers a welcoming space to explore these interests and more.

With a motto that champions fun, friendship, and fellowship, the Brockenhurst Probus Club warmly invites those who are retired or semi-retired to join us. As a member, you're not just joining a club; you're becoming part of a global family that values friendship, camaraderie, and lifelong learning. 

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