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Wine Tasting on 20th October led by Rob Evison

On Friday 20th October Rob Evison treated us to a masterclass in wine tasting. It was a fun evening that educated us about wine and the myths surrounding the subject. The subject wine was Rose which has the widest range of styles and flavours. We tried six different wines and then were asked to blind taste and identify 3 of them.


After two intense hours we had a tie where three people managed to identify all three wines. The three were asked to sit in the front and continue tasting until we had a winner. Tension grew as the first test resulted in all three being correct. It got really exciting as all three correctly identified the next sample. Then on the third try a winner emerged - only Herietta Morgan  identified the wine.


As with last year the participants had an enjoyable evening they had consumed a number of different wines and learned to be more discerning about what they were drinking.


In Rob, we are lucky to have someone who is a real wine expert, educated to make wine at Stellenbosch University, produced wine in great volumes in South Africa and Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and passionate about the subject.


Many thanks to him for sharing some of his knowledge. The pictures below show the some of the moments


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