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Past Events

By Clicking on the Past Events 2023 button you will see a report for each event held this year. You can also click on the buttons to go to the page and when finished go back by clicking the X in the top right hand corner


A Visit to the Wyrd Gin Distillery 26th January led by Richard Burt.


The Army Flying Museum 22nd February led by John Gribble



Visit to the RNLI College and Training Centre led by Dave Bramley


Visit to Longford Castle led by Ken Garrod

Golf Competition led by David Podmore

Highgrove led by Bruce Tindell

Bursledon Brickworks led by John Wingham

Croquet Match led by Graham Otter

RNLI Manufacturing led by Peter Hebard

Wine Tasting led by Rob Evison

Skittles led by Rob Morgan

Quiz led by Alan Wright

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