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How do you take yours?

Seventy members and partners came to together at the Golf Club for Christmas lunch on Dec 12th.


Our caterers put on a handsome spread preceded by a very amusing talk “How do you take yours?” by actress and historian Jane Glennie. Set at the end of rationing in 1953, Jane portrayed etiquette enthusiast Mrs Cox giving advice on how to make a “proper” cup of tea as well as the correct way to drink it. Members heard the fascinating story of tea from early Chinese history to its spread into the British Empire. A history richly punctuated with tales of gruesome deaths, smuggling, poisoning, and gossip. Indeed, a hidden history of the Nation’s favourite drink. 


As the year turns the club we look forward to a full program of events. Our 2024 plans include visits to Solent Sky Museum in Southampton in January. The museum houses a wide range of aircraft and artifacts that reflect the rich aviation history of the area, and interestingly have just acquired a retired Bournemouth built BAC 1 -11 short-range jet liner. 


February sees a trip to the Gurkha Museum Winchester; Further 2024 trips are planned to the Mary Rose Museum; Palace of Westminster / Speaker’s Rooms; Chichester or Salisbury Theatre Trip. The Club is also considering a trip to the “ABBA Voyage” holographic spectacular in London which has had great reviews. 

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