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The RNLI Trip

On a damp morning the main body of the group met at Brockenhurst Station for the trip to Poole. It was an interesting trip that followed up on a talk given to us last year. The operation in Poole is very extensive and includes a 60 bedroom hotel for accommodation for RNLI volunteers to train as Lifeguards and Lifeboat crew. The trip is written up under the past events heading.

Talk at our March Meeting

 On March 14th we listened to the talk titled The Search for the North West Passage by Brian Margetson. The booming trade with the far east spurred on by the industrial revolution required a hazardous voyage round the Cape of Good Hope (no Suez or Panama Canals then). Surely there must be an easier way? This is a story about two competing approaches. One a state sponsored mission led by Sir John Franklin and a more modest affair led by John Rae- a privateer.

The talk contrasts the two vastly different approaches and the two vastly different outcomes of these ventures. In typical Victorian fashion, the villain reaped fame and the hero infamy. A full write up can be seen in the past events page for March.

The Christmas Lunch Date and Venue Set 

This years Christmas lunch will take place on Tuesday 12th December 2023. The committee felt that last year the event was well supported by the golf club. The food was excellent, the service very good, the tables decorated festively and the flow of events just right with drinks before lunch and coffee after. It was also a pleasant outlook across the Golf Course 


The Payments Page is proving Popular. Queues on meeting days to pay dues are now much shorter. Hopefully this will continue to improve to enable the treasurer to enjoy a cup of coffee with the rest of us. According to Rob about 50% of payments are now going through bank transfer. A new process is being implemented where an updated payments page will be published a day or two after the committee meeting the Tuesday before Probus meeting. A second update will be published a few days after the meeting so that payments made up to and at the meeting will be accounted for. 


The Brickworks Visit

The visit to Bursledon now has a date 15th June 2023  The price is £15 and the trip can be booked in the red book or on the website. Details of this trip have been updated. It seems that the steam driven brickworks will be fired up for this visit so a good turnout would reward their efforts.


Croquet in Lymington

A popular perennial run by Graham Otter is scheduled for 2-4pm 19th July 2023. The price is £8 pp. The plan is to have lunch at the Chequers Pub rather than tea served after the event.  Capacity is 16 people. Details can be found on Social  Events Page 2




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