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Past Talks


By Clicking on the Past Talks 2023 button you will see a report for each talk held this year.

January 10th Due to our speaker being ill, Thorold Masefield was asked if he could stand in at the last minute. And Thorold did not disappoint, his talk titled Gods not Slaves was a thought provoking theory that West Africans were the catalyst to the great civilisations in Central America. The Olmec, Maya, Inca and Aztec Cultures all derived from a chance storm that took a dozen unsuspecting Nigerian Fishermen to the Gulf of Mexico



February 14th. The Role of the Verderers and Agisters in the New Forest. - Jonathan Gerrelli.

This talk was very much a follow up to the one on Commoning by Sue Kempe in autumn 2021. Mr Gerrelli is Head Agister.




March 14th we listened to the talk titled The Search for the North West Passage by Brian Margetson. The booming trade with the far east spurred on by the industrial revolution required a hazardous voyage round the Cape of Good Hope (no Suez or Panama Canals then). Surely there must be an easier way?


April 11th. Trees and the Law. - Mark Hinsley. This talk by a professional arboricultural consultant was particularly relevant to us in Brockenhurst where TPOs and Conservation Areas are common. 

May 9th The Lost Island Civilisation of Atlantis- Richard Hutley

The subject of many films, it is a fascinating topic. What do we know? Where could it have been located? Is there evidence of it today?

Richard explained that mention of Atlantis first appeared in Greek philosopher Plato’s works Timaeus and Critias

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