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John Bannister leaves Brockenhurst

When we moved to Brockenhurst in 2002 there were five Brockenhurst Probus members already living in Forest Glade Close. The waiting list then was typically 2 years, so I was initially invited to meetings as a guest. This was the first Probus club in Brockenhurst and was started by members who had all retired to Forest Glade Close when it was first built 38 years ago. I remember reading the Membership Book and noting that the talent and range of abilities and experience of the members would have allowed them to run the UK far better than our 'Honourable' Members in the Houses of Parliament!


When a full membership was eventually offered, I was the youngest member at age 62! We met at the Watersplash Hotel in The Rise.


After living for 20 years in Brockenhurst and both nearing 80 years of age, we decided it would be best to downsize and move closer to our son who lives in Lewes, Sussex.


 Very sad to leave all our lovely friends in Brockenhurst, to say goodbye to Probus Members many of whom we have known for almost 20 years and to leave the beautiful New Forest Area. But that's the way it is!


Our new address is; 1 Church Mead, Ringmer, BN8-5HB. 01273 814837

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