Meetings Diary and Speakers

13th December: Wildlife Recovery and Regaining Nature in a Rapidly Changing World - Dr Tim Woodfine, Leader of a Conservation Trust.

Followed by Christmas Lunch with Partners. For details on Christmas Lunch see Social Events Page.

Drawing on examples from the UK, and around the world, this presentation will explore the challenges and opportunities for the recovery of nature in the face of rapid, social and environmental change. This ranges from every day acts of kindness to help rescue and rehabilitate animals through to ambitious efforts to re-introduce species to the wild and restore, healthy ecosystems. It is illustrated by the fascinating biology of some amazing creatures. A central theme is our interdependence with the natural world, and that by helping nature, we are helping ourselves.


Dr. Tim Woodfine is a wildlife  conservation leader, and strategist with a PhD in biodiversity management and three decades of practical and scientific experience. Working in an international conservation team he now helps organizations plan for the future. To enhance their impact through advisory and governance roles he is a member of the SPEDES survival commission, an international union for the conservation of nature. He is a visiting professor for wildlife conservation at the University of Southampton.

Diary of Meetings for 2023

January 10th. “Brusher” Mills - A New Forest character. - Nick Saunders.

The life and times of “Brusher” Mills who lived in a charcoal burners shelter in the New Forest and made a living catching snakes, which he sold to collectors and zoos. He died in 1905.

February 14th. The Role of the Verderers and Agisters in the New Forest. - Jonathan Gerrelli.

This talk is very much a follow up to the one on Commoning by Sue Kempe in autumn 2021. Mr Gerrelli is Head Agister.


March 14th . The Search for the North West Passage. - Brian Margetson. The booming trade with the far east spurred on by the industrial revolution required a hazardous voyage round the Cape of Good Hope (no Suez or Panama Canals then). Surely there must be an easier way??


April 11th. Trees and the Law. - Mark Hinsley. This talk by a professional arboricultural consultant will be particularly relevant to us in Brockenhurst where TPOs and Conservation Areas are common.


May 9th. Atlantis - Richard Hutley, The myth, legend and facts about the antediluvian lost civilisation of Atlantis first reported by Plato 3000 years ago. What do we know, where could it be? Is there evidence that exists today?


June 13th. It started with a kiss ..... the life and times of Dylan Thomas - Brian & Jacqueline Sutton. A talk on the brilliant but doomed poet including his friendship with noted local artist and bon viveur Augustus John.


July 11th. The QE2 Story - Steve Herra, (postponed from 2022) The story of this iconic liner from her launch in 1967 to her final departure from our shores in 2008.


August 8th. Natural Wonders of Iceland - Gerald Ponting. Featuring spectacular sights of mountains, glaciers, volcanos, hot springs, icebergs, lakes, waterfalls and even small forests plus some bird life and wildflowers.


September 12th. Explosive Demolition: Blowing up part of London - Dr Colin Jolly. This talk describes the preparatory work required to “blow down” a heavy, tall industrial building - the meticulous planning and safety issues.


October 10th. My Work as a Judge of the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal - Rosemarie Tiffen. The talk covers the need for asylum, how the system works followed by some details of deportation, removals and bail hearings - interesting and informative, but with a touch of humour.


November 14th. Following the AGM: Flowers from Flanders to the Tower- Colonel Jeremy Prescott. A powerful and moving presentation on Sacrifice and Rememberance.


December 12th. How do you take yours? - Jane Glennie. Set at a 1950s tea party tales of tea drinking history and etiquette, among the tips there are stories of gruesome deaths, smuggling, poisoning and gossip to find out the secret history of the nations favourite drink.

Followed by Christmas lunch with partners.