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Social Events


           PROBUS EVENTS 2023 Late May - December


The Brickworks Museum at Swanwick            JUNE

ORGANISER John Wingham

Previously set for April this will now occur in June. Once John has date the trip will becomebookable in the Red book and on the website. Provisional details of this trip can be seen by pressing the Brickworks button.



Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens                 29 JUNE

(with Horticultural Society)  Organiser Brockenhurst Horticultural Society

DETAILS: Press Abbotsbury Button below to see the form to attend this event. It must be filled out and sent with cheque to the Brockenhurst Horticultural Society. Adrian Butterworth is coordinating this event.




Croquet at Woodside Gardens Lymington            19 JULY

ORGANISER Graham Otter

European Trip - Titan River Cruise                   9 SEPT

ORGANISER Bruce Tindell

The proposed River cruise run by Titan has been removed from this year's calendar due to lack of suppport. The lead time to commit to a trip this year was limited and so unfortunately we were unable to generate the interest required.

It is possible for members who wish to go on that trip to book individually through Samantha the maanger at Fred Olsen in Lymington

Spring Visit to Highgrove                        MAY

ORGANISER Richard Burt

Wine Tasting Evening                              OCTOBER


Skittles - Huntsman                                 NOVEMBER


Quiz Night                                               DECEMBER



Christmas Lunch                                     DECEMBER

ORGANISER Richard Burt

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