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A Morning at Blashford Lakes Reserve  February 14th 2022


The weather was kinder than at our last attempt and nine members of the Club enjoyed seeing quite a wide selection of birdlife at this important reserve run by the Hampshire & I of W Wildlife Trust.

The Tern Hide overlooks Ibsley Water - a seriously large lake.  Here there were many varieties of duck, including Pochard, Wigeon, Teal, Pintail and a flotilla of very smart looking Shoveler.  There were also a few pairs of Goosander, a member of the Sawbill family.  The Woodland Hide gives an opportunity to see at close quarters,  encouraged by several bird feeders, many species of bird found  (if you were lucky) in gardens and in woods.  The really spectacular  colours of the Gold and Greenfinches and Siskin were breath taking and among them one rather rarer Redpoll.  Four sorts of Tits, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Jay and Reed Bunting (a recent convert to bird feeders) were also seen.  Finally, to Ivy North Hide to try for the elusive Bittern,  a master of camouflage within the reeds and a rare but regular winter visitor to this spot on the reserve.  Some were lucky enough to see it!


I was very grateful fo former Club member and friend Duncan Wright for joining me and leading the party to the Woodland and Ivy North Hides.


Adrian Butterworth

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