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Adrian's Summer Tea Party 3rd July 2022


At a Probus committee meeting Adrian kindly offered to arrange a summer tea party in his garden.

He had not discussed this with his wife Kay (hazardous really - do you remember that Sir Winston Churchill bought Chartwell without consulting his wife?).  However, when he told Kay of his offer,  it was some relief when she responded “oh well, it might be a bit of fun”.  At the first count of a few  participants Kay was pleasantly happy, then the numbers grew towards 40:  whoops she thought.

A date was decided upon with a back up date in case of rain.  Scones were ordered from the village bakery, and sponges were started to be made three days before the event, number of sponges eleven:  plain sponges decorated with fruit and chocolate, sponges with fudge chunks, two ginger cakes and one chocolate mint cake.

Weather forecasts were studied anxiously for days in advance (in Roman times entrails were examined, which just could have been a more accurate method of forecasting?). Come the day black clouds were wished away though there was a very little “scotch mist” at lunchtime.  However, the afternoon weather was pretty well ideal - no rain and not too hot. 


We had adequate chairs and tables, (thanks to Martin Fletcher for the loan of some) and many people brought their own.  The afternoon seemed to be greatly enjoyed and it gave an opportunity  for catching up.  Even the wasps from our nest were good enough to keep away from the jam and cakes and no one got stung. 


Some guests decided to go home via the hedge and ditch at the bottom of the garden - we hope they got back safely.


Kay appreciated the help of two friends to assist with the tea and cake servings, and the head gardener to answer gardening questions and show guests the garden.  All were exhausted by the end of the day even if Kay & Adrian were spared putting the furniture away.

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